The Making of a Painting "Nelson's Cement Wharf".


Original 1920s photograph of Nelson's Cement Wharf, Stockton near Warwick. I Photo-shopped the original sepia photograph to sharpen it and gain a little more detail.


The initial sketch moving items to show a better composition. The steam boat was moved to the left so the cabin lettering could be seen


Starting on the canvas by  under painting of tonal values to give a clearer basis of the planned painting.


By blocking in some  basic colours the composition  starts to add form and balance and begins to add perspective. 

Starting furthest away with the sky, I work forward with the image although some areas of the foreground must be strengthened at the same time to keep control of the tonal perspective - as a rule as you come forward dark colours get darker and light colours get brighter.


Almost finished but needs some life, as an old art teacher used to say "The human element" 


The final painting. Added a couple of figures and the horse and boat coming through the bridge. A happy client too!

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